Patient Resources

AKPA Newsletter (PDF)

Dr. Gideon's article for the Alaska Psychological Association Newsletter on PTSD and the Brain.

Cognitive Social Reprint (PDF)

Dr. Gideon's publication illustrating her application of neuropsychological knowledge to psychotherapeutic interventions.

Overview of a Neuropsychological Evaluation (PDF)

Neuropsychological Evaluation FAQs (PDF)

Information about what to expect from a Neuropsychological Evaluation.  Note:  Testing with Dr. Gideon may take 3 to 8 hours, depending upon your needs. Dr. Gideon will discuss the results and recommendations from your assessment with you in addition to writing a Neuropsychological Evaluation report. 

TBI Quick Guide (PDF)

Helpful Guide for Patients and Families from the VA that applies to everyone with a TBI

TBI Independent Study Course (PDF)

Excellent course on TBI for everyone, not only Veterans, from the VA.

Definition of a Clinical Neuropsychologist (PDF)

Detailed Definition of a Clinical Neuropsychologist.

NAN Definition of a Neuropsychologist (PDF)

Brief Definition of a Clinical Neuropsychologist.

Neuropsychological Examination Information for Providers (PDF)